In God We Trust ! (summer 2018)

In God we trust. Period! Together, these four words have some awesome power. Singularly, they still pack a mighty punch. Our founding Fathers thought enough about this phrase that it was, and still is minted on all our coins, printed on all our bills. We see it every day. We see it so often that

Reflections (winter 2018)

As this year comes to close, we all tend to gather with family and reflect on that past year and hopefully make plans for the coming year. The conversation trends about all the fun we had last summer, because in the fall, we tend to be putting things away and preparing for the winter. Besides,

In the beginning… (Fall 2018)

I’ve been fixing things since I was 7 years old, starting with the family lawnmower. It wasn’t really broken, but I was curious as to what was inside. Dad had a few tools laying around, so I proceeded to remove a few bolts and nuts. After the top cover came off, there was another world

Summer Recap

Here is the summer newsletter and wow, summer is nearly gone. So here is the summer recap>>> We started the garden seeds in the basement as usual, but just a few less after being inundated with squash plants last year. I figured that the squash was a fast-growing plant so I would just sow the

It’s Your Money

R eally, it is! Spend it however you like. Sure you have those pesky monthly obligations; mortgage, car payment, groceries and the like, but remember, YOU decided to buy that car and finance at XX.xx% rate. YOU promised to make those monthly payments. YOU can decide to buy those expensive cuts of imported Tibetan Musk

People who care

People Who Care When I was young, I would ask mom for permission for, oh let’s say I wanted some ice cream. She had two standard replies… “I suppose” and “I don’t care”. So I would scoop up a meager heaping helping of about a half-gallon and top it with whatever was in the fridge,

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